Getting freelance projects is comparatively easier now, if you know where to look for. Here I will be discussing only the Top 7 websites that provides good freelance projects. Based on user friendliness, projects, fee structure, reliability, security, support for freelancers, people opinion and my personal experiences. So here we go:

RentACoder / vWorker

Started in 2001, based in USA
The best site in terms of supporting their buyers and providers both equally. Its free to join and post, all providers treated equally and only difference is an old provider has a rating and new one don’t but no one can get above other by paying anything, so its free to apply on any number of jobs, then it all depends on your skills if you can convince buyers. You can find lots of regular projects their. The process of project execution is safe for buyers and sellers both. A best place to start looking for freelance projects.

oDeskfreelance projects

Started in Dec 2003, based in USA
One of the site that has best tracking of sellers work. You can find some regular freelance projects from oDesk. Best for those who want to get paid for time or want to pay for provides time spent only. So in a way it provides a Win-Win situation for both. I find some freelancers who says its not good to always track time, as they want to work freely [thats why most freelancer start as freelancers]. It is secure and reliable.


Started in 1998, based in USA
One of the oldest site on the net providing continuous flow of freelance projects.  I have seen them grow with time. Initially their many services were free but then they start charging health amount from freelancers too, and now as competition increases their fee structure is lowered now, although limited. I still don’t like the limitations on freelancers, but still its one of the best site for serious bidders where it covers its cost for freelancers and provide some lucrative freelance projects.

Freelancer (previously GetAFreelancer)

Started in Feb 2004, started in Sweden now based in Australia
One of the popular freelance projects site, specially since they changed their looks  and become freelancer and promote their services. There are some limitations on freelancers but it worth it, due to the number of projects and payoffs. But there are complaints from freelancers that their buyers just vanishes after they completed the project, because they do not enforce escrow payment system. So there is a chance but this happen rarely and off course if you are a wise freelancer then you will judge any such buyers. I personally liked their new interface and process is fine, only one issue that you can not post a private message to buyer without bidding, this  is annoying some times as you have to compromise your number of bid to get private clarification on projects. They do have a public project clarification board. Overall its a good site to start looking for freelance projects, despite of large competition.


Started in Aug 2000, based in USA
Guru is also a reliable source of freelance projects, although I personally never find the site very user friendly, but what if you get paid, right. It offer options for memberships or project fees. Overall a stable site.


Started in 2001, based in Canada
Very similar to other freelance projects site. But simpler fee structure for both buyers and freelancers. Found  it live and running. Although I didn’t face any issue with them but I find  many freelancers complaining payments issue from scriptlance. A risk place but still freelancers are earning and competition is not too tough.


Started in Feb 2004 (so as, based in Singapore and Australia
This is based on engine. The payments are in Euro and appears to be stable. And find this site growing now, after they implement some serious marketing strategies. Although the  number of projects are low but so as the competition, as they are new in business so has less competition of freelancers.

There are many other websites but I found that so far others are not worth mentioning here, but surely you can search for more freelance projects and find out if some other works for you, but be cautious before spending your energy and time. I believe you find this freelance projects sites list supporting, you are welcome to share your thoughts on these sites in comments.