Ask yourself “Are you ready to Start as Freelancer?”

If the answer is Yes, then proceed this articles is for you

If the answer is No, then you need to make up your mind first, read this motivational article ‘Start Working FreelancerFreelancer Steps

Ok, Now its good that you are ready to start, here is your Freelancer Starter Guide.

There are lots of freelancing websites available these days. Many of them doing good business and some only trying to beat the competition, but some of the starter and popular of these are,, and (previously known as GAF – there are many others too, will list these for you with my review in another article soon. I use many of these, started with in past when it was free many years back but later focus more on and so far it is my favorite freelancing site due to its ease, usability and fairness.

All of these site works almost in similar ways. I recommend you to select only one at a time and try to build your profile there first [Its also good to join a site when it start, specially if its growing -> bringing in more buyers]. ok lets start with one here.

Lets go with RentACoder (RAC) Freelancing site first, We will do it in quick following steps to start with:

Step 1- Prepare Freelance Profile:

- Register with RentACoder RAC (or any other Freelance site) and create your profile and polish it up with your skills. Mention your skills in points and off course mention your certificates in it. Mention any online work that you have done, any achievements that you have made. I recommend to make it look professional and mention all your plus points, keep it in Verdana 10 (size2) fonts. Make specific points bold.

[added see new article on profile here: ]

Step 2- Review Projects:

- Once your profile is set, you are ready for next step, that is reviewing projects on regular basis based on your skills and bidding on these. In RAC you can do this through ‘Browse Projects’ or ‘Search Projects’ feature easily (similar on other).

Step 3- Start Bidding:

- I recommend to bid on small projects first, for which you are sure you can do it in best way. (I myself did the first RAC project for $5). But remember to review larger projects too if by any chance you find some requirements that you know you can fulfill, go for it and place bid but make your bid text make sense.

Step 4- Know when not to bid:

- There are tons of open project at RAC (and other sites), but you will not get them all or may be getting your first hit some time takes lot of time and efforts (That is also one of the reason why we are here for you).  So its important to utilize your time best while bidding and make sure you understand when to drop a project from your bidding list. Do not bid on any project that you feel you may not be able to complete for any reason, time, low motivation, low understanding of the subject or anything.

Step 5- Polish your bidding style:

- For bidding you need to adopt some styles, and practice different words, we can guide you more on this. But basic thing is that, read the bid description carefully, while reading the description or attached documents (with bids), write down questions that comes to your mind while reading and then ask these as many questions as you can (but no dumb question) in your bid to the buyer, buyer should get a feeling that you study his/her requirement seriously and willing to do it with full heart.Understand your freelancer buyer

Step 6- Understand Buyers:

- Remember all buyers do not like long replies specially when its cluttered, so make your bid comments in points. On other hand, every buyer likes it when he see someone replying to him after reading his requirements carefully. But no one like a reply where  you explain all about yourself but it sounds like you don’t read the requirements carefully.

Step 7- Place Comments, not only bids:

- Also if you are not clear on the complete requirements or not sure of the bid price, do not place bid at-once, first send message without bid price but message should be asking to the point questions. Then based on the reply decide your actions to bid.

I believe thats it for now. We will discuss these points in more details soon, you are also welcome to Ask any Questions to your specific issue.

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