Become your own Boss

Now I am a successfull Freelancer Guide, but when I first heard about freelancing, I thought that it is a type of job designed for students, elders and disabled persons who want to earn a little by utilizing their free time left apart from routine work. That was my wrong perception. Freelancing is not a mere self employment but a career which has lot to offer. Though we may run out of words while defining advantages of working as a freelancer but want to highlight some which are mentioned below.

The Boss will be none other than a You

It is you who will be managing yourself while working as a freelancer. You will not be eyed by anyone. No more nightmares (in which your Boss haunts you), workplace politics and office distractions. At all you are totally independent. This independence can bring innovation. This is the mental freedom which will force you to allow productive experimentations in work. So it is you who will command your own work.

Freelance Jobs saves both time and moneyBecome your own Boss

Working as a freelancer saves both time and expenditure. First of all you are not going anywhere because most freelance jobs requires to do work from home. So there is no need to travel and waste an hour on it. Secondly there is no need to pay public/private transportation costs and cafeteria bills. The expense on the fuel of your own transport is saved too. No more formal dressing. You can work while dressed in casual wear. This may keep you relaxed and comfortable while doing work.

Select what you want to do

A freelancer has no compulsion to do each and every thing. He will be doing what he can deliver as a best work product. It is a freelancer who will select project of his choice to work with. The work required to do in office based jobs is mostly repetitive. As a freelancer one can face variety of work to do e.g. my previous project was related to shopping portal but now I work for technology blog.

Fetch International Work

A freelancer can do assignments belonging to an employer of a different country. Working as a freelancer gives drive to do both international and quality work. Even if you are living in third world you can earn dollars, euros and other stronger currencies by working as a freelancer. We can can tell you more in our Feelancer Guide.

Earn according to your will

Some freelance jobs are based on hourly basis. The more hours a freelancer can dedicate to an employer the more he can earn and vice versa. Similarly if a freelancer may do maximum work the more he/she will earn. For instance in web content writing assignments employers used to pay per written page by a freelancer. So if he writes x number of pages then he will be paid x times specified amount per page. It is a freelancer who will decide how much to earn by deciding how much he will take to work.

No Work Load & Stress

If you are working as a freelancer then you will be taking work according to your capacity. So there will be no work load if you will be doing things in timely manner. Since there is no boss so there will be no external pressure. The only thing is to manage your work not people.Freelance Freedom

Enjoy Freelancing Flexibility

For a freelancer there is no headache of following specific time. If you are a freelancer then you will work during the timings of your choice. There is no one to hinder you from viewing sporting event or to relish meal at popular food chain. All in all a freelancer is committed to meet project deadline (if he is not working on hourly basis). In freelancing you can surf multiple websites (apart from those related to your work) in order to do online shopping, getting information without being bothered. A freelancer can also enjoy occasions and festivals with his/her family without being worried.

No Commitments & Bondage

You are committed to your work only. You are not bound to any “prior notice” type thing. You as a freelancer are free to leave your current work (after completion and payment) and opt for better opportunity without fulfilling any commitment of half/full month notice (employed in office based jobs).

These are some of the benefits (in general) of doing work as a freelancer. It is recommended that if you want to pursue a career of freelancer then go for it but with full confidence and self-belief. Here we can guide you more in our Freelancer Guide on how to achieve this freedom.