Question: Are there any organisations which directly provide projects without bid?

By Anil Sharma


Yes it happen but only after you have established a relationship and confidence in your services by that company. If you are in start of your freelancer career then bidding is the path for you, you can build a relationship with your initial buyers and once a buyer get confidence in you, you don’t have to compete with others to get his projects. There are many frequent buyers on these  sites who prefer to work with same providers/freelancers.

To get your initial job, go low in your bids.freelancer question

There are a few companies like MetaExpert who maintain a pool of resources and outsource tasks to them, and usually the first one who replies to a requirement gets the job.  I am not sure if they are still doing this.

There is also a site for freelance writers that gives jobs with almost no big competition of other bidders, but its hard to get get approved with them as their worker.

If any of you know any other site or company who does this, you are welcome to share here in comments.