Many New Freelancer ask me why we are unable to get a project despite we post very low estimates/bids, here is my tip for freelancers.
One of the vital reason I found for these new comers are their profile.

Remember its not necessary that only an experience person can have a charming profile, even young freelancers need them more then experienced one.

A common mistake I see with profiles of new freelancers is they do add a profile but mostly it is not properly formatted and skills are mentioned in a scattered manner.

Remember your freelancer profile is your first face that client see, if it does not look beautiful, do not consider the client to proceed further. Yes I mention “beautiful”, Don’t try to make it over whelming with skills, too techy or mention anything big, but simply mention all you got in proper formatting that is easy to read and look pleasant to eyes.

freelancer profileMost of the Freelancer sites allow html in your profile or separate sections, use them accordingly. Make separate headings for each section.

Keep Certifications in Area Of Expertise but as a heading.
Make it easy to read and all left allign
Do not use too much “I”, thats my recommendation

Here is how it should typically look like, in its simple form:

Areas Of Expertise:

- Microsoft SQL Server
- Application Hosting Management
- Photoshop
- Dreamweaver


MCSE – Microsoft Certified System Engineer
MCITP – Microsoft Certified IT professionla – SQL Server 2008 Administration
MCT – Microsoft Certified Trainer


- Significant experience using .NET technology especially VB.NET

- Coded an ETL (Extract, Transform &Load) package using VB.NET for a data warehouse that I designed in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 for a medium sized technology company

- Experienced with developing and administering Microsoft SQL server databases

- Possess a good working knowledge of network fundamentals including functions such as setting up Active directory configurations

- Experienced in using Microsft Access as a back end database for small to medium sized projects

Note this is only a sample you should fill in your data as per your skills, here are some key points to remember:

  • keep it pleasant for eyes (means simple to read)
  • mention each element in separate line
  • use points wise structure, separate point for separate value
  • keep on reviewing your profile once every week and improve what ever you feel you can
  • If you are not getting success, change the  wording of your resume

Preparing Freelancer profile is only the first step, but its the vital step. And you should keep on revising it from time to time.