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    Freelance Writer

    Here are a few tips for freelance writers, if you want to break in or those of you who want to do a little bit more. 1) Don’t write what you know. What does this mean? It means, simply that fiction and nonfiction are two different birds. Probably 70% of the freelance assignments I get [...]

    How Freelancers are Using Social Media for Real Results

    Networking is the bread and butter of a freelance career. Because competition is so fierce, landing consistent gigs isn’t just about talent. It relies heavily on who you know, and how connected you are. Social media can expand your freelance network exponentially and yield opportunities that you’d never find elsewhere. But just like pounding the [...]

    Hi, Just found this interesting blog on Tax Returns for freelancers, so decided to share with you all. If, like me, you’re a freelancer who does their own tax return (rather than hiring an accountant), then this tip may come in handy. It’s really rather simple . . . do your tax return as early in [...]

    freelancer tips

    When you entered in your professional life and start doing some kind of job to earn some money. You daily wake up early morning and get ready to go out for job or some kind of business. After working continuous eight hour you come back home eat food and again go to your bed to sleep. Next [...]

    How to Win your first freelancer bid / project

    This is the question, I heard from almost all new freelancer starters. On sites lik rentacoder.com freelancer.com oDesk.com and others you will find too many registered coders and freelancers that have not won any single project, despite  that they are bidding on too many. Most of these don’t have low skills or low passion or low luck. [...]

    freelancer profile

    Many New Freelancer ask me why we are unable to get a project despite we post very low estimates/bids, here is my tip for freelancers. One of the vital reason I found for these new comers are their profile. Remember its not necessary that only an experience person can have a charming profile, even young freelancers need them [...]

    Start Freelancer

    Ask yourself “Are you ready to Start as Freelancer?” If the answer is Yes, then proceed this articles is for you If the answer is No, then you need to make up your mind first, read this motivational article ‘Start Working Freelancer‘ Ok, Now its good that you are ready to start, here is your [...]

    Customer Confidence

    Tip: Promote your Freelance Service through Article Directories by writing your domain related Articles Latest: Here are some more tips added for Freelance Writers What are Article Directories? Article directories are websites that host free articles. These articles are usually put there for promotions by people who own the copyright to them. Each article has [...]


    A bit about freelancing A self-employed individual who works as a professional for different employers is considered as a ‘Freelancer’ or “Freelance Worker” provided he/she is not engaged to a specific employer on long term basis. The word ‘Freelance’ is itself conjunction of two words ‘Free’ and ‘Lance’. This refers to the fact that during [...]

    Freelance Freedom

    Become your own Boss Now I am a successfull Freelancer Guide, but when I first heard about freelancing, I thought that it is a type of job designed for students, elders and disabled persons who want to earn a little by utilizing their free time left apart from routine work. That was my wrong perception. [...]

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