Writing Effective Bid Proposal

This is the question I mostly face by online freelance starters.  Here is my guide to Write Effective Bid Proposal:

- First select project and bid requirements, that you know you can deliver.

- The most effective method I find is to question the client/buyer, but these should be wise questions.

- Read the requirements carefully and list down all questions that comes to your mind, review them and remove any basic questions, but ask questions that show your client that you understand his requirements (or at-least try to understand) and understand the domain too.

- In start if you know the client name (from his profile or message) then start with “Hi ClientName,” this also shows that you read his message carefully. Then simply list your questions in points.

- Do not write lengthy paragraphs, and give proper one line spacing between each point. Make it easy to read.

- So first Questions (or you can add a one liner in start, saying that you understand the requirements but have some questions) and then mention your plus points, mention your experience in similar projects.

- Read the client requirements carefully and mention your plus points based on what client asked for, for example if he mention that he want good testing, then mention clearly that you will do the testing or similar.

- Always try to clear all requirements in start. This shows that you are serious about the project and can complete it too. It helps yourself in doing the project too. (Remember winning the bid is only first step, main issue is always to get it signed off and paid, so be ready for that in start)

- Its better to give a bid amount in first message. But for some complex project or where you are not sure, then you can mention that you will place bid after his answers to clarify requirements.

- For sites that does not allow longer messages in bid, place short message in bid and then send a detailed message with questions as a private message.

Hopefully this will help you guys writing your bid proposals.