question: freelancer with respect to outsourcing

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What are the objectives, scope and limitations of outsourcing? What do you mean by freelancer with respect to outsourcing?

First to the first part of your question on objectives, scope and limitations of outsourcing

Objectives and Scope of outsourcing:

Let me cover both of these here. Objectives and Scope of outsourcing a particular task can be muti-tier, and mostly depends on the need of a company. But usually these are:

  • Minimizing cost, by outsourcing costly task/operation to cheaper facility, may be within country or outside.
  • Minimizing workload on in house team.
  • The tasks in hand is out of current capabilities of in house team.
  • Acquiring those skills, required for outsourced task, is not beneficial for in house team for long term.
  • When in house team can not meet the deadlines, for different reasons, so objective is to meet deadline.

Similarly the scope vary based on the situation and conditions.


Virtually it has no limits, but in reality there are few like:

  • Must be managed properly by a manager who knows his work.
  • Understanding the task in exact manner as client require.
  • For tasks that needed to be done onsite.
  • The team who actually do the task, can not always held liable in long run.

Freelancer with respect to Outsourcing

Freelancer plays a vital role in outsourcing, specially when the outsourcing is done to save cost (which is the objective in most cases) freelancers are the ones who get a chance to prove their skills and make some reasonable money, by cutting down management and infrastructure cost.

Nowadays there are too many websites like,,, and others, that offer projects in different domain to freelancers. If you examine projects on these sites most of these are outsourced work, direct customer rarely use these sites. But ts used mostly by individuals and small to medium companies, who want to cut down their cost or want to save time on their development, and in some cases due to lack of their own expertise.

In countries like India, Pakistan, China and Russia. There are several freelancers who were able to develop their own small companies from the outsourced work from more developed countries like USA, UK, Germany and Australia. You can say that it works out for both sides in most of the cases.

So we can easily say that outsourcing still rocks and give results, when managed carefully and does help freelancers and small companies.

The key as a freelancer for you is consistency and always keeping your commitments, specialy for outsourced work.