Freelance Drummer

Most drummers dream of one day being able to make a living from playing. Some desire to travel around with a platinum selling artist; others desire to spend their days in the recording studio, while others desire to stay nearer to home and lead the best club band in town. The ordinary thread that links them all is the wish to have a career in music and spend their days playing the drums.

While several succeed in making this dream a truth, others never seem to get out of the starting blocks. It’s not as simple as easy as it looks and there are lots of drawbacks along the way. To make sure that you become one of the success stories here are some top tips on how to become a hard-working freelance drummer:

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Freelance Drummer1) Get Your Playing Together:

To become a successful freelance drummer keep in mind; you only get single opportunity to make a first impression so get your singing together before you put yourself out there. You should have a great ear, good timing and the capacity to play all techniques genuinely. You are a support player and form the basis of the band so remember your place in the music and struggle to generate catching grooves that the rest of the band can work off.

2) Learn “standards” as you can:

The “standards” are the most normally played and usually requested tunes you get on the performance. They are the classics from Jazz, Swing, Rock, R&B and Pop that public anticipate hearing and are a real must if you plan to do higher paid function and wedding work. Explore the websites of function bands in your area then have a look at their list. Download and learn these tunes to the best of your skills and your musicianship will amplify vividly. You may not like all the tunes but you’re sure to find some that you really enjoy listening to and playing.

3) Read:

The capability to read charts and make your own charts for a freelance drummer will let you to play songs with negligible practice and learn a large body of work rapidly. This ability is essential the higher up the musical ladder you climb. Sometimes you will be given a chart and projected to play it there and then; sometimes you will have a day to study. You’ll locate yourself in these challenging conditions so keep your reading abilities sharp – it will assist you a lot and boost the possibilities of getting calls from bandleaders.

4) Sing:

A freelance drummer who can sing backing vocals is a extremely marketable commodity for most club, wedding and function bands. If you can sing then work on your chops and let people be familiar about it. You’ll be presenting an actual service and it’s a good point of separation between you and the other drummers in your town.

Freelance Drummer5) Be A Professional:

One of the most significant things as a freelance drummer is your stage of professionalism. People desire to work with drummers who are dependable and fun to be around. Stay positive and always ready for your work. If you show yourself as a real asset time and time again and struggle to be the best in your area then your name will get around and good things will take place for you. This really is a word of mouth business so ensure everybody is saying good things about you.

Freelance offers you the chance to make your life by doing what you love and what you want to become. There are many paths for you to present yourself and many job opportunities for you to chase. Whatever you choose to do over the long term, the abilities you develop as a freelancer and the links you make will give you a good start in the professional industry as a freelance drummer.