Freelance Copywriter

Every time when I look at myself, I fall down on my knees and say thanks to my lucky stars that I stumbled into this copywriting thing. Freelance copywriter is truly a fantastic way to make a living. This profession turned me from a penniless high school failure into a millionaire.

If  you regular watch TV ads, reads web pages, or sees an ad in a glossy magazine and want to write something like you watch or read then this freelance profession is best for you. Freelance copywriter doesn’t mean copyrighting it is totally about protecting ideas, registering trademarks, etc. This creative job allows you to:

  • Freelance CopywriterWork from home
  • Do something different every day
  • Enjoy an unlimited income
  • Be your own boss

Duties Of A Freelance Copywriter:

A professional and well-paid freelance copywriter can write convincing and persuasive words for:

  • Ads
  • Website pages
  • Blogs (‘internet diaries’)
  • Articles
  • Press releases
  • E-mail marketing campaigns (emails that promote a product or service, or simply inform people)
  • Printed marketing materials (brochures, leaflets, flyers and sales letters)
  • TV & radio commercials

A professional and skilled freelance copywriter can easily developed a brand identity for your business by playing with some realistic or forceful words. A freelance copywriter only take your pages upon pages of text and edit it down to only the most delicious morsels of consumer-friendly, brand-relevant information. Making every face of your marketing message faster, shorter and, eventually, improved.

Freelance copywriters are very quick because they’re usually just a phone call away and easily available to turn copy on a short notice. Those writing projects that took you days to finish, a skilled freelance copywriter can even complete it within few hours. For example if you require a last-minute press release just make a call to your freelance copywriter and your breaking news is ready to release.

Freelance CopywriterMany freelance copywriters now have their own web presences, most of them optimized for search engines so that they can attract internet users who search with such type of keywords such as ‘copywriter’ or ‘freelance copywriter’. To build up the profile of their site, copywriters may look for reporting in online copywriting directories, such as these examples at Yahoo and FreeIndex.

Every freelance copywriter before starting their work settles down their rates with their clients. Some of them charged by the day, some freelance copywriters may agree to charge by the hour, or by the word or thousand words. Charging by the word is not affordable for a copywriter but for some tasks (such as the making the large amounts of search-engine friendly copy), the per-word basis may be suitable.

In this freelance profession the time is money because the client needs their work on time. If you delay in submitting your work to your clients then he may cancel your contract and never hire you. A freelance copywriter is not a robot who just does whatever you say. Being as a freelance copywriter, you don’t need a creative martyr who’ll fight you on every little change. Be a well-balanced individual who brings a fresh marketing perspective to the table, but ultimately respects your clients and differs to your business expertise.