Comic Book Writer

Do you like Batman, Spiderman, and Superman, comic book heroes, DC comics or Marvel Comics? Did you grow up collecting comic books? Want to earn some money from this hobby? Then you are on a right path.

Writing a comic book is an entertaining and enjoyable profession. This profession is now becoming popular in mostly school and college girls and boys. Freelance comic book writing is an interesting job for those teenagers who are free at their homes during summer vacations.

Comic books keep a story moving in a visual method, graphic storytelling to study how this is done it is suggested that you take a class in film. One thing that a class in screenwriting with assist you with how to write a script that comprises the whole story, reports of scenes, dialog, sound effects and a tone for the talking bubbles, colorists and artists can get a sense of the quality of the comic by having contact to a script.

Remember who your guide character is and what they do, the storytelling has been done before so by showing how what you have to write about is fresh and different is what is desired when setting up a comic strip. An idea is to learn the history of comic book writers, the story of the characters and how the story creates sense to the reader while providing that visual element. Words are pictures and pictures are words. Descriptive writing that detailed on the scene, “what is happening”, How is it happening, who is doing what, How does it relate to the senses of “sense, touch, smell, hear”.

Nearly all story making comes from previous comic heroes, fans already recognize the history of the character and the writer’s job is to convey that story to life in a latest setting with an idea. What would it be like if this character encountered a new planet, how they would respond or use their particular powers or gifts. This is where the writer must draw on investigate and recognizing the background of a series of story lines that have already been written in the past.

It is significant to note that due to the visual nature of comic books a comic book writer requires to recognize how to write healthy and understand sentence structure grammar and punctuation. Also it assists to completely recognize plot, structure, pacing, character growth, dialog that guides to a logical attractive story. Learning the fundamentals takes time and due to the aggressive nature of the industry, you will want to be prepared.

It’s not an straightforward field to break into and an even tougher one for freelance comic book writers, so start small, be determined and use your networking abilities. A good start is to publicize you with publishers of comics. A list of comic book publishers includes:

  • Dark Horse
  • DC Comics
  • IDW Publishing
  • Image Comics Mam Tor Publisher
  • Marvel Comics Scar Comics Septagon Studios Inc.
  • SLG Comics Timelike Line Productions
  • Timeliketoons Top Shelf Productions
  • Vertigo Comics FLabor Graphics
  • Viper Comics
  • Virgin Comics
  • Wildstorm comics
  • Archie Comics
  • Disney Comics
  • After Hours Press Blue Water Productions

I hope that this article will surely help you to start and becoming a successful freelance comic book writer.