Call Center Agent

At every customer-focused company there is a need to give the vital customer experience, from the CEO on down. What gets gone in translation is the extreme impact that delivering this level of customer service, or failing to do so, has on a company’s bottom line.

Consider the contact of a customer’s experience when contacting your company: a pleased customer normally tells one to three people about a fine experience, while an unhappy customer talks to as many as 10 people about the terrible experience. Businesses today are attaining an inflexion point where their customers are insisting more from their communications with customer service agents. Your customers want to talk with somebody who knows their wants without comprehensive clarifications or constant replication.

Call Center AgentThe freelance employee model has proven to be the most efficient method for companies to address the disputes they face with their accessible customer contact results. These comprise customer happiness, agent superiority, business flexibility and business stability.

There are significant advantages to using freelance customer service workers that eventually result in a win-win-win condition for your company, your customers and the negotiators.

Call centers are typically constructed in areas with a population searching for hourly salary jobs. In the freelance call center job the work is send to the worker through different resource like email or post or from a call. You can do your work while staying at home with your parents and family members. A freelance call center job is also reasonable for those persons who have some physical disabilities but have good communication skills with other people.

The proportion of agents with some college education is more than 75 percent among agents working from home, compared to 20 percent or less among agents in traditional contact centers. Similarly, the average age range of agents working in freelance contact centers is 35-40, compared to 18-23 for agents in traditional, physical contact centers. With increased education levels and higher average age comes amplified adulthood and professionalism. These freelance call center employees therefore bring a broader range of work and life experience that lets them to be more compassionate and understanding when on the phone with your customers.


Another important benefit of freelance call center outsourcing is the exclusive opportunity to create a true, fully-redundant service offering. Traditional call centers can apply superfluous hardware and software transportations to give high systems availability, but being able to route calls and data to an alternative location in an emergency is not very helpful if the agents all live near the primary facility.

Building comparable multi-location redundancy in a home-based employee model, with agents dispersed over wide geographic areas, provides the ultimate redundant infrastructure.

Call Center AgentTangible Business Benefits:

While the freelance employee model offers a figure of definite operational advantages, the true test of the model’s success is demonstrated by the business results reported by companies using freelance agents.

Because of advantages like higher quality agents, scalability and redundancy, companies using the freelance employee typically see an increase in key customer service indexes and higher customer fulfillment. In addition to customer satisfaction, companies understand improved employee productivity through better one-call resolution rates, higher conversion rates, and higher average order size. It is important to figure in the reduced recruiting burden, increased employee retention rates and reduced training costs, all of which leads, ultimately, to amplified productivity and a greater ROI for your call center operations.

Recruiting, training and management of freelance agents is a very different plan then in a traditional center – one that must be learned before it is realized. The Gartner Group has stated that 60 percent of companies that try to build a freelance agent solution will fail. This is for the same reasons that we see large, traditional bricks and mortar centers losing ground to smaller companies that are able bring a new approach and mindset to the recruiting, training and management of home-based employees. Finding a company with a proven track record of success managing freelance employees is the correct decision.