This is an unfortunate news. Acts of some people hurting those who are not involved. But anyway I am sure that Freelancers will find a solution to this.

When launched and many freelancer sites start offering it as a payment option for freelancers, Many (almost all who are aware) switched using this option, as it is cheap, more flexible and easy to use.

In my personal experience I found the payoneer service very reliable and their response and resolution on issues are excellent. So what happens now? its not their mistake, they send a notification on 4th of May 2010, that the service will not be available in some specific countries from 1st of June 2010.

you can see the exact message and reason below. Although now payoneer mentioned that they are working to find an alternate solution, but since this message I personally get no response from payoneer for any trouble ticket or email sent to them, not good to see a nice service going out like this.

These countries are:

  • Angola (AO)
  • Ecuador (EC)
  • Ethiopia (ET)
  • Pakistan (PK)
  • Turkmenistan (TM)
  • São Tomé and Príncipe (ST)

Sad to know, because most of the online freelances are from these developing countries.

Another Problem for FreelancerI expect that Payoneer should take this issue seriously and should try to resolve this issue as the reasons are not related to the actual users, they can propose some more verification processes. Their act will define their future, freelancers will eventually find a way out.

Anyway in all this situation the role of’s Ian Ippolito is really appreciable, I found him taking this and every matter related to freelancers benefit seriously.

Mostly freelancing site owners prefer to take all matters related to Buyers more seriously, but on every occasion I found Ian (the owner of very serious and equally available to solve freelancers issues too.

You can read about Ian efforts here:

Exact message from Payoneer on 4th May 2010:

Dear Customer, Due to a change in requirements from our regulators, as of June 1, 2010 Payoneer cards will be blocked for transactions in the countries listed by the US government as having strategic Anti Money Laundering (AML) deficiencies. This change will affect card usage in the following countries: Angola, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Turkmenistan and Sao Tome and Principe.

If your card is in use in one of the countries listed, we encourage you to use all funds by May 31, while transactions are still possible in these countries.

Please note that beyond May 31 your card will continue to be fully functional in all countries not banned by the US government, and we will be happy to load payments to the card without any change.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that the Payoneer card will continue to provide you with valuable service.

Please feel free to use our Contact Us page for any additional questions. Sincerely,

Payoneer Customer Support