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I wish to work as a freelance programmer. I have over 2 years of experience in iPhone/iPad, Blackberry and Android development. But the problem that I am facing is in preparing a portfolio of my work. All the projects (16 projects) that I have worked on was done under my previous organization and I cannot show them as my work. If I am gonna register on Freelancing sites such as Elance, FreeLancer, oDesk etc I have nothing to display as projects done by me? I wish to show my work to people but still I can’t. Please guide me, what should I do?

Nikhil Rastogi


Hi Nikhil,

First of all sorry dear, I delayed replying to your question, but thats due to some work overload and then some personal matters. Anyway here is my feedback for you. Let me put my feedback in points or you:

- Be Positive, I believe these days there are not to many people who has skills with wireless device programming. So you have a skill whose demand is growing now. Thats your major positive.

- Off course you can not mention the projects you done during a job as your own, but you can mention them as your projects while working for your employer, People do understand this. So mentioning them is fine, but you can not show them as demo.

- Build a demo program of your own, a small one that shows at least some basic skills, you can give demo of that to your potential clients.

- I recommend to put together a webpage, simply listing your skills, mentioned your projects on job and providing link to download your self made demo, you  can call it your portfolio page, just make it simple html page, you can gradually update it later with time, Just remember every journey starts with first step. So take the first step with positive thinking.

- Now on different freelancing sites, keep on searching for projects and post low bids, and in your bids encourage buyers to visit your profile page and check the demo you made. + for initial projects offer comparatively low price, once you win couple of projects, you can update your rates.

- Also remember to do not prepare a general bid response, but write your bids/proposal based on project requirements, and always be honest.

- Remember creation of profile is not a one day activity, you put it together once, but you keep on updating it regularly, at least once a month.

Hope this will help you to some extent, and answer your question.

Wish you of best of luck, you are welcome to ask more.

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