Top Article Directory Reviews

Here I will make a quick some of the top article directories site that I use to post articles for back links and promotion of my services. The review is based on my personal experience with these article directories.

- This is a good one. Fast article approval, Nice interface and Easy to use.

- Most popular article directory, if your account is a fresh, it can take upto 15 days to approve your article, but things get better as your number of articles increase. Good in pointing out the errors in case they disapprove your article. Poor user interface.

- They are ok, some time they review your article quickly but not always. I am not sure on there strategy. But they have a good and reliable interface.

- A good site, to the  point, no fuss. There engine also add images to your articles in some cases. Neat and clean interface.

- Their paid service is good, but with free account, no guarantee when articles can get approved, may take 15 to 20 days. I didn’tt like their interface too, non professional. This is just and ‘ok’ site. But not always very reliable, because previously it let us post articles. Then when we try to post more, it has bug that is not letting us do so, we sent them an email and they fixed it, it worked but later there comes another bug that does not let us post or edit more articles, an since then we left posting there. No good interface.

- Premium account is good, but on your free account, no guarantee on when your articles can get approvals, can take 15 to 20 days. Personally don’t like it as they force you to make payment to get articles listed easily.

- Another ‘ok’ article directory site. Not much reliable in terms of up-time but overall its fine.

Note that I have listed some of the top article directories site and my experience with them, but these sites can get your article rank on search engines easily.