Throughout the hundreds of interactions I’ve had with freelancers, I’ve noticed a pattern that separates freelancing professionals who get more freelancer projects from those who don’t.

Here are the points that makes a difference in winning more freelancer projects:

1) Perfect your Sales Pitch:

Keep in mind your bid is a sales letter but it should be all relevant and not only remain as a sales letter but a mix. Those who align their proposals with a sales letter, without preparing it on loud sales pitch are more likely to win more freelancer projects.

2) Customize your Proposal:

Customizing your bids shows that you’ve taken the time to study the project description, and mostly buyers appreciate that. Remember its give and take, only expect a buyer to read your bid message thoroughly if you have read his project description throughly.

3) Accommodate Examples:freelancer projects tips

To get freelancer projects you should add examples of your plan that are accordance to the job you’re applying for. Don’t kill yourself for examples, just mention something similar you have done n past, providing similar references is always good, but do not make up any example of your own unless you really have good knowledge of the subject.

4) Exude Confidence:

If you accept the abilities bare for the job you are applying for, keep confidence in yourself. I’ve found many freelancers who know how to do a job but don’t have confidence to show to the client, which gives an unprofessional feeling. Show that confidence in your bid and proposals. Do not always stuck with what client says, tell him what you feel is the best for them.

5) Accommodate Clear Advice:

I have won many projects and client’s confidence with my true advice. Never fear to tell client what you feel is best for them. I have seen many freelancers who only follow what client says. Remember if client knows exactly how to do something, why he hasn’t done that himself. Believe in yourself and give him accurate advice based on your own knowledge.

6) Follow Up:

To catch more freelancer projects, keep in touch with your clients. I have experience many clients coming back for more jobs after couple of years, just because I keep in touch with them through occasional emails and keeping informed on what we are doing.

7) Prepare Customized Mockups:

Preparing Customize working samples and mockups increase lots of confidence of the client in your capabilities. Never hesitate to prepare free samples and mockups for clients where you see potential of long term work.

These are seven different tips and approaches that will surely can help you out to get your freelancer projects. Employers searching to outsource are afraid about accident time and money with freelancers who don’t accomplish as they should. The key to acknowledged for freelancer projects is to prove that you will do what you say and capable to execute your plans.