Here are a few tips for freelance writers, if you want to break in or those of you who want to do a little bit more.

1) Don’t write what you know.

What does this mean? It means, simply that fiction and nonfiction are two different birds. Probably 70% of the freelance assignments I get are outside my realm of knowledge, but with the internet and a few research skills these articles and assignments are great fun to write. Get to know the internet. Did I mention the need for research? This goes for fiction and nonfiction writing. If you don’t know ‘it’, haven’t had experience with ‘it’ or know someone — directly, not indirectly — who has dealt with ‘it’ and will be interviewed, research it. The internet, local universities and your public library are great places to start.

2) Stay Active.

Both mentally and physically. With spring rolling in a lot of us are working on a new health regime, but before you try diet pills or anything else, check with your doctor. And remember, the best advice for getting into shape is, “Everything in moderation.” You can eat that chocolate bar or have that soda — as long as you keep it to one a day or one every couple of days.Freelance Writer

3) Subscribe to a few freelance writing ezines

Troll for markets for your article ideas, look for new freelance jobs each week. There are jobs out there and money to be made, you just have to know where to look.

4) Diversify but find your niche.

But niches can’t be divirsified, you say. No, but you can be. I write nonfiction articles on family and education, I do copywriting for companies all over the globe ranging from designer clothing to construction equipment and I write romantic fiction. If that isn’t diversified, I don’t know what is. I’ve always written, romance is my genre because I love happy endings and the roller coaster ride of falling in love. So far, my CPs are my only fans…but more will come. My articles are my ‘niche’ — this is what I began reporting on when I working in television and radio. I’ve simply explanded my base, if you will. Copywriting is my most recent ‘step’ and I love it. I work with great companies, business owners with integrity and a genuine love for their business — just like me!

5) Freelancing ain’t easy.

You’ll be rejected and ignored on a regular basis. Don’t get down if your article is rejected. Instead, find another market, tweak it a little and get it back out there. You can’t sell it if it’s languishing on your computer.

6) Be Passionate.

There is nothing better (to me, at least) than writing for a living. I wake up each morning excited whether I have a copywriting job, article or fiction chapter to work on first. Have fun with your life because life is too short to be stuck doing something you don’t love.

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